I'm Jessica, a wellness writer, speaker and guide. YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ME HERE.

My career started in the corporate world

After my Biology degree, I worked at a competitive professional services firm and trained to be a Chartered Accountant (I know, stay with me!). I was surrounded by smart, lovely people, but felt the urge to dig an escape tunnel out under my desk pretty quickly! I realized I wanted to use my heart as well as my head in my work and, after 5 years, I left to run an angel investment network to help entrepreneurs grow their start-ups.


Personal development transformed my life

I dived into my own personal development journey after feeling floored by a long-term relationship break-up in my late 20s. I wanted to stop repeating the same patterns, and to strengthen my emotional, intuitive side that formal education just hadn't covered. Over the years, I read 200+ personal development books; trained to be a meditation guide and reiki master; and discovered some of the world's best personal development coaches, courses and holistic techniques. I learned how to trust myself and my intuition; to stick to my boundaries; and to have conscious, deeply loving relationships. I identified what gives me joy (and to let go of what doesn't); felt more connected to other people, from my family to strangers; and saw my mind calm down as I practiced staying present.

I love sharing what I've learned

Friends kept asking me for recommendations, so I started sharing my knowledge more widely. I joined Niraj Shah as a co-founder of Mind: Unlocked to make practical, science-led mental well-being content, workshops and online courses. I write and speak at international events on topics like mindset optimization, intuition and relationships. In 2020 my articles have been read over 100k times; and my work has been featured by the likes of the BBC, Thrive Global, PwC, Economia Magazine and Wanderlust Festival.


I'm here to help you feel empowered to live the life you crave to live for yourself too. My work covers personal development themes centered around daily wellness wins, real-life connection (to you, the people in your life & nature) and

heart-centered well-being.

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