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10 Books to Upgrade Your Life in 2020 - Medium's TheStartUp


If you love reading recommendations, look no further! Here are 10 personal development books that transformed my life. I love their condensed wisdom, straight from the minds of top thought leaders, and for a fraction of the cost of a seminar a. These are also my most recommended books to friends, who have had profound realizations from them too. What's my top read? "Freedom From the Known" by Jiddu Krishnamurti. This article has 86,000+ views in the last few months.

Finding Someone You Actually Want to Date - P.S. I Love You

When you're single, dating sometimes feels aimless or hopeless (I've been there!). After a friend asked for advice, I wrote this step-by-step guide to help. For years, I was going about meeting the "right" person in an honestly pretty random way - but it helps to have a plan - like finding the right job or home! After all, it's a decision that comes down to both your head and your heart.

Habits to Transform Your Mindset During Lockdown - ThriveGlobal


Widespread anxiety around the global pandemic and lockdown in 2020 really put our mental well-being management to the test. Here I share the science-backed, actionable habits and routines that can help us stay calmer and happier during difficult times. Check out this, and my other Thrive Global articles, here:

Making Intuition Your Superpower - Medium's The Startup


What if you could trust your own inner voice - more that your mom, best friend or even Google (!) - to make better life choices? I used to think that developing my intuition was impossible or "woo-woo"; until I discovered how to help it reliably show up in ways I could listen to and follow (more than any external source), when I want to make decisions that are right for me. 

Where's Your Head At? - Economia Magazine


Here I share 5 ways to keep a cool head during stressful modern life - at home and in the workplace, in a 3-page spread printed in the November 2019 issue of the UK's Chartered Accountant magazine for the ICAEW - Economia (circulation 150k).

Articles & More

Free Mental Well-Being Resources during a Pandemic

Unprecedented stressful times can take a toll on our mental health. We've put together these free, relevant and fact-checked articles, podcasts, videos (and more) to help you keep calm. Taking care of our own mental well-being not only keeps us happy and healthy, but can help us give us a stronger foundation to support others with what they're going through.

Guided Meditation: Relax and Deepen Your Breath

What if there was a free tool you could use any time (wherever you are) to feel less stressed? You guessed right - there is! Listen to this 10-minute meditation and take what you learn off the mat by using your breath to stay calmer during stressful situations. This session helps you practice non-judgement - by letting any thoughts that come up gently pass by - and feel more grounded and peaceful as you slow your breath right down.

Meditation and Wellness Resources

Online Course: Discover the Best Meditation Habit for You


At Mind: Unlocked's in-person events, we realized many people want to get meditating, but assume they're doing it wrong or don't have time. We made this practical course to help you discover a meditation habit that fits into your unique life. We share guided meditations and scientific studies throughout - to show you why a meditation habit is worth having. Our students are already sleeping better, using their phones more consciously, feeling more peaceful with their families and less stressed.

Recent Public Speaking & Panel Events

Mindful Tech Habits Talk - Wanderlust Festival, London


My Mind: Unlocked Co-Founder, Niraj Shah, and I shared tips on using your phone and other tech more mindfully - at Wanderlust's London Car-Free Festival. The average UK adult checks their phone every 12 minutes, and many of us spend hours scrolling each day without even realizing! We think it's time that can often be better spent elsewhere and shared how to take back control. You can check out my Wanderlust Artist's Bio below.

Optimizing Human Performance - EurekaFEST, California

On this panel with an ex-Olympic ice skating national champion, I discussed mindfulness, meditation, good habits, intuition and more at EurekaFEST - a conference for technology entrepreneurship and innovation in California. 

Start-Up Pitch Competition Judge - EurekaFEST, California

Using my experience in angel investing and corporate finance, I joined top Californian Venture Capital executives on a panel to judge which company would win EurekaFEST 2019's technology start-up pitch contest.

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