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A personal development writer, speaker and guide - dedicated to sharing content and techniques to help you become the best version of the real you.

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Autumn Leaves

I love sharing empowering content and tools to help you live life as the best version of who you really are. Think of it as who you are deep down, without the layers of "should"s or "not enough"s! My articles, talks and content focus on these three personal growth pillars:

1. Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Discover well-being wisdom & practices - like mind-blowing philosophies, calming meditations or energizing exercise - that make you feel happier & healthier in your life. Find the wellness tools that make you personally feel good every day. 

2. Connect to You, Others & Nature

Learn to connect more deeply with yourself, your people and your environment. It can seem impossible to become your own best friend; grow your connection to others; or appreciate nature -  but they're key for better well-being.

3. Heart-Based Living

Some of the most powerful things - intuition, love & happiness, to name a few - are best felt not measured. Live from your heart and body, as well as your head. Learn how to unleash your divine feminine to access more joy and balance.

Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental,
and social well-being, and not merely the
absence of disease or infirmity"
The World Health Organization
Autumn Leaves

Paul Obey, BBC Radio

"Jessica appeared as a guest on my business show...We covered the importance of mental well being and mindfulness as people relate to work and life...providing very insightful perspectives...[she] dealt with queries in an excellent, natural way.  I found Jessica through reading an excellent article she had written in the Chartered Accountants' magazine, Economia. Jessica makes these important issues easily understandable and offers effective, easy to implement solutions."

Associate, Big Four Firm

"Jess was an absolute pleasure to work with! We put an event together during mental health week themed around 'Kindness' - being kind to yourself and your mental health. Jess was a speaker at the event...she shared really helpful resources and her knowledge on the subject matter was obvious - real gems that attendees took on and implemented in their everyday lives, this was validated by the feedback we got."

Entrepreneur, Venice Beach

"Jessica is a truly gifted healer. Her wealth of experience has enabled her to evolve into a true empath with the ability to connect with others on a deeply spiritual level. I'd strongly recommend her for her incredible energy, her ability to connect with others and her abundant wisdom pertaining to holistic health."

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